Comunicari  : 

  • EMMIT 2009 - 5 th International Conference Ooctober 16-19 2009  Beirut (Lebanon)       - System operating in the field  of medical decision , as a basis for monitoring and evaluating the health of the pregnant womenand the fetus

      Autori : R.Antohi ; C .Ogescu ; D. Bistriceanu (IPA SA ), L. Stefan ; S Dumitru  (ITC SA) 

  •   IEEE international Conference on Automation, Quality and Testing , Robotics  AQTR 2010   THETA  17 th edition May 28-30 2010 Cluj Napoca (Romania )                                     - Computerized System for Medical Decision in the Perinatal Period

 Autori: R.Antohi ; C .Ogescu ;  F. Udrescu D. Bistriceanu (IPA SA ),                                               M.Onofriescu (UMF"Gr. Popa"  Iasi) ,L. Stefan ; S Dumitru  (ITC SA)

  •    The 11-th European Conference E-COMM- LINE 2010 Septembrie2010 Bucuresti (Romania )                                                                                                                                              - Inteligent Platform for Evaluation of prenatal health status    

  Autori:R.Antohi ; C .Ogescu , F. Udrescu D. Bistriceanu (IPA SA ),                       M.Onofriescu  (UMF"Gr. Popa"  Iasi), L. Stefan ; S Dumitru  (ITC SA)

  •  8th Congress of the European Society of Gynecology, Roma (Italy ) 10 -13 Sept 2009   - Cavum septum pellucidi where are the limits?.                                                                  

  Autori :I.Dumitrascu , M.Onofriescu, A. Gheorghiţă E.Dalas                                                                    M.Tirnoveanu  (UMF"Gr. Popa"  Iasi)               

  • 20th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  10-14 October 2010 Prague ( Cehia )                                                                                                                          - Efficacy and length of routine transabdominal fetal heart scanning at the time of NT measurement

  Autori :D. Nemescu, B. Caba, M. Onofriescu (UMF"Gr. Popa"  Iasi)                   

            -Twin pregnancy complicated by single intrauterine death. Report of twenty cases

 Autori : M. Onofriescu, A. Luca, D. Nemescu (UMF"Gr. Popa"  Iasi)