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Launching a Visionary Quest for the intelligent School of Tomorrow, on the basis of Relevant State-of-the-art scientific an Technological Achievements , SAS6-CT--2003-508865, FP6,2003 -2004, Project manager: Silvian Fara,

Romanian Research Community Integration in the ERA Contract INCO-CT-2003-510469, 2004-2006, Gabriel Spiridon,

Increasing of competitivitness  of Transnational Technology Transfer and Innovation in Romania by creating an Innovation Relay Center, FP6-510446(IRC6)  Project manager Gabriel Vladut,

Romanian Research and Innovation Days,RODI;Contract INCO-CT-2003-003373 Project Manager SORIN BABAN ;

Regional approach towards FP6. Network   of contact points in large Accession Candidate Countries and Member States , INCO-CT-2004-003399, Project manager Gabriel Vladut,

New eco-efficient industrial processes using microstructured unit components- safe and environmental friendly production of sensitive compounds ensured by process intensification; NMP2-CT-2005-014036; Project Manager, Petre Visu,

Concepts to Reduce Environment Impact and Attain Optimal Transport Performance by Inland Navigation ; TST3-CT-2004-506542; Project manager Gabriel Vladut,

A life-event oriented framework and platform for one-stop government ;(IST-4- Call); Project manager: Gabriel Spiridon,

Intelligent healthcare monitoring based on a semantic Interoperability platform; (IST-4- Call); Project manager: Gabriel Spiridon,

Romanian Mobility Centre;FP6- 513461;

Urban ERA-NET-coordination of the funding of urban research in Europe;Contract no 31342 Project manager Alexandru Botu,


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