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Short Name IPA SA
Juridical Form: sharehold company Address:014459, Calea Floreasca 169, Corp P1, et. 4, cam. 1, sect. 1, Bucuresti
Registration number:J40/6202/1991
VAT number: RO 1570298
Registered / Paid-up Capital: 203777,4 RON


General Manager:
Dipl. Eng. Florian UDRESCU,
e-mail: udrescuf@ipa.ro

Advanced Research Director:
Prof. Dr. Ing. Gheorghe Mincu Sandulescu,
e-mail: san@ipa.ro
Technical Director:
Dipl. Eng., Alexandru BOTU
, e-mail: abotu@ipa.ro
Scientific Director:
Dr. Ing. Gabriel Spiridon,
e-mail: spiridon@ipa.ro
Financial Director:
, e-mail: dsiminica

Marketing: Dipl. Eng. Sorin Baban, e-mail:sbaban@ipa.ro
Scientific Board:
Acad. Ion DUMITRACHE - University Politehnica of Bucharest, e-mail:idumitrache@ics.pub.ro
Dipl.eng. Florian UDRESCU - General Manager IPA SA, e-mail: udrescuf@ipa.ro
Dr.Eng Spiridon Gabriel - Scientific Director IPA SA, e-mail: spiridon@ipa.ro
Prof.dr.eng. Sergiu ILIESCU - University Politehnica of Bucharest, e-mail: iliescu@shiva.pub.ro
Prof.dr.eng. Dumitru POPESCU - University Politehnican of Bucharest, e-mail dpopescu@indinf.pub.ro
Prof.dr.eng. Clement FESTILA - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, e-mail: Clement.Festila@aut.utcluj.ro
Prof.dr.eng. Mihail ABRUDEAN - Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, e-mail: Mihail.Abrudean@aut.utcluj.ro
Prof.dr.eng. Dorin CARSTOIU - University Politehnica of Bucharest, e-mail:cid@au.pub.ro; dorin.carstoiu@yahoo.com
Prof.dr.eng. Dorian COJOCARU - University of Craiova, e-mail: cojocaru@robotics.ucv.ro
Prof.dr.eng. Laurentiu FARA,Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, e-mail:laurf@nare.renerg.pub.ro
Conf.Dr.eng. Dumitru STANCIU - University Politehnica of Bucharest, e-mail: dmrstanciu@gmail.com
Dipl.Eng. Ioan STOIAN - Head of IPA-Cluj Subsidiary, e-mail: stoian@automation.ro
Dr.Eng. Gabriel VLADUT - Head of IPA-Craiova Subsidiary, e-mail: office@ipacv.ro

IPA SA has a flexible structure based on:
  • Main departments:
    • Programs for Automation in Industrial Branches( e-mail: udrescuf@ipa.ro)
    • Programs for Automation in Public, Environment and Administrative Services Domains( Manager, Dipl. Eng., Apolodor Gheorghiu, e-mail:ipap2@ipa.ro)
    • Information Systems and e-Business" (Director, Prof. Dr. Ing. Gheorghe Mincu Sandulescu, e-mail: san@ipa.ro) High Tech Development and Training Centers :
      • IPA-eCIC Center- Center for training and education in e-commerce and e-activitiesCEFORSIM- Simulated Enterprise for automation systems production and marketing CEFOR - Educational center based on virtual enterprise concept, IPA - CIFATT Craiova - Technology Transfer Centre in Automation Field; Regional Partnership and Consultancy Point. IPA - CIFATT Cluj - Technology Transfer Centre in Automation Field;
      • IPA-Galati Center - Specialized Center for Training, Consultancy, Guidance and Professional Forming

      General data:
      • Year of establishment: 1960 Juridical Form: Company on shares Number employees: 241 / 2002; 247 / 2003; 234 / 2004:220/2005; 202/2006;213/2007;219/2008 Social Capital: 589427.4 RON -Integrally Romanian capital
      • Capital structure: Private

      • Established in 1960 as a research- design institute for automation, IPA SA has kept until now its main profile: research & development, design, production, assembling, service and consultancy of automation and IT equipments and installations, in industry (chemistry and oil processing, metallurgy, building materials, energy, machines building), environmental protection(emission/imission control, toxic emissions, meteo-hydro parameters monitoring), services for citizen ( public information system, lighting up control of landing/ take-off runways, seismic parameters monitoring, barrages survey, security and fire alarm systems) After 1990, IPA has become a trading company on shares, maintaining its profile. Since 1997, IPA has a flexible structure, becoming more efficient and more profitable. At the present time, IPA is an integrally private company, which has implemented and maintains a quality system according with the SR-EN-ISO 9001:2001, SR-EN-ISO 14001:2005, OHSAS18001:2007 standards. Through its subsidiaries situated in the main cities of Romania(Cluj, Craiova, Galati), IPA SA successfully covers the Romanian territory in its field of activity.
      • IPA SA deals mainly in R & D activities, in Romanian (PNCDI) programs and internationally ( FP6, TTQM-PHARE, EUREKA, Leonardo da Vinci etc.) financed projects.
      • IPA has initiated and organizes international conferences/symposiums, such as: E -COMM- LINE 2012(Bucharest, annually, the 13th edition in 2011), AQTR 2010 (THETA 18)(Cluj- Napoca, one in 2 years, the 18th edition in 2012),SINTES 2011(once in 2 years, the 14th edition in 2011); H2_FUEL_CELLS_MILLENIUM CONVERGENCE (Bucharest, annually, the 5th edition in 2012), Open Forum for Innovation and Technological Transfer(Bucharest, annualy) and participates at fairs and exhibitions : TIB, HANNOVER, MESSE EUREKA-BRUSSELS, etc

      International/ National awards:
      • Geneve, 1993: Silver Medal - Temperature Measure Brussels, EUREKA 1995: 4 Gold Medals - Hydraulic Turbine; Method for real time driving with autoadaptive integrated systems; Temperature sensors for acid solutions; Programmable generator of signal and sensors simulation Geneva, 1996: Silver Medal - Method for de acquisition and analysis of vibrations in mechanic structures. Brussels, EUREKA 1999: Gold Medal - Method for industrial combustion efficiency surveyBudapest, GENIUS 2000: 3 Genius Medals - Monitoring system for rivers levels and meteorological parameters in the hydrographic basins. Information driving system for cement factories installations ; CAD System for design, modeling and definition of surfaces and 3D bodies parameters Bucharest SIR 2000 Excellence Diploma in Research - Technological parameters survey system for large hydrographic basins. Bucharest SIR 2000 Excellence Diploma in Research - Static excitation equipment for hydrogenerators. Bucharest SIR 2000 Excellence Diploma in Research - Data acquisition system for industrial technological applications Bucharest SIR 2000 Excellence Diploma in Research - Electronic Equipments for lighting beaconage of the landing/ take-off runways
      • Bucharest CONRO 2003: First Prize - Monitoring system for SIMFOR drilling parameters
      • 1st seed in 2005 R & D Top Companies-SME category S1/MB/RO

      Turnover (Euro): 2.621.890 / 2002; 3,409,580 / 2003; 5,026,121 / 2004 ; 5,062,444 / 2005; 6,216,900 /2006; 7,554,928/2007;9,064,526/2008, 3,822,490/2009;4,762,450/2010; 4 425 555/2011
      Net profit (Euro): 499.862 / 2002; 433,598/ 2003; 230,275 / 2004; 465,539 /2005; 421,831 /2006; 214,205/2007;176,940/2008;36,916/2009;37,001/2010; 41038/2011

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