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       " REVISTA ROMANA DE AUTOMATICA" is a periodical magazine published every three months. * In this journal are published results of R&D activities for electric drives and power electronics, transducers, automation and data processing equipment, intelligent systems and other connecting ranges.

       Editing team: Academician, Florin G. Filip ; Prof. Dr. Ing. Ioan Dumitrache - membru corespondent al Academiei Române ; Prof. Dr. Ing. Gheorghe Mincu Săndulescu ; Prof. Dr. Ing. Traian C. Ionescu, Universitatea "Politehnica" Bucureşti ; Prof. Dr. Ing. Mircea Vlăduţiu, Universitatea Tehnică Timişoara ; Prof.dr.ing. Clement Feştilă, Universitatea Tehnică Cluj Napoca ; Dr. Ing. Gabriel Spiridon,Dr ing. Mihai Arhip IPA SA ; Dr. Ing. Eugen Pop, IPA SA ; Dr. Ing. Dumitru Stanciu, Universitatea "Politehnica" Bucureşti ; Ing. Ştefan Gavăt, IPA SA ; Ing. Alexandru Botu, IPA SA

SA Chief editor: Dr ing. Mihai Arhip
Cod ISSN : 1454-9077

IPA - SA, Marketing - Advertising Department
Bucuresti 014459, Calea Floreasca 169,corp P1
Tel: +4021-3180015, fax:+4021-3161620

E-mail arhipm@ipa.ro;mvisu@ipa.ro


  • Technical and scientifical papers
  • Modern technologies
  • IFAC/ IFAC information dates
  • New products
  • e - Commerce

Starting with this year (2009) the magazine is also published online

cover_mic Current issue : 1/ 2010 (July-December)

Issue : 1/ 2009

Summaries -2000
Summaries -2001
Summaries -2002  
Summaries -2003
Summaries -2004
Summaries -2005
Summaries -2006
Summaries -2007

(Content no:3-4:
                        Part I;
                        Part II;
                        Part III;
Continut 2008:
                        No 1/2008;
                        No 3/2008;
                        No 4/2008;

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