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End-User / Year

Security installations (anti-burglary, area protection, protection to fire noxious emissions, automatic extinguish, access control, ICTV) for banks, office buildings, warehouses, commercial areas, residential properties. More than 200 bank quarters of the networks BCR, Reiffeisen Bank, CEC Bank, Commercial Complex Doraly,  (1991-2011) 
Electrical equipment for low currents (voice-data, phone, CATV) for office buildings, banking units, company headquarters. 8 county headquarters for  the Min. of Public Finances, headquarters modernization at IPA, STRAERO,SIAT (1991-2011)

SP84 Nicoresti pumping station rehabilitation

Min. of Agriculture and Rural Dev. (2009)

Fire signaling and warning equipment (network of 12 addressable stations FO connected) at ARPECHIM Pitesti

IMSAT-ARPECHIM Pitesti (2009-2010)

SCADA system and equipment delivery

SC BOCCARDO Cluj (2007)

Control and monitoring equipment for gas co-generative  power plants Bacau, Gura Humorului, Campulung Moldovenesc and Rădăuţi

LOIAL IMPEX (2006-2007)

Monitoring control and dispatcher system for the heating system of Bucharest Municipality


Systems and Equipments at CHE- Movileni
- generator diagnosis systems  (vibration, partial discharges, etc.)
- low currents installations  (anti-burglary, access control, TVCI, phone, radio)

Energomontaj HIDROELECTRICA- (2007-2010)

Electric equipment for the modernization of tramway depots, Bucuresti Militari and  Alexandria

GENERAL SERVICE GRUP –RAPB Bucuresti (2004-2006)

Specific CAD services for the electric installations documentation

CNE Cernavoda Romania (2004-2005

Dedicated studies and specific projects for the “PESCARUS” oil drilling platform  

* PETROSTAR Ploiesti, Romania (2003-2005)

Turn-key delivery services in the domain of automation for the SCADA-DCS equipment for turbo-generators TA 5 and TA 6 – CET HALANGA

GENERAL TURBO Bucharest Romania(2002 –2004)

Automation project for a gas plant - extension (specific devices in the process zone,  a distributed control system components selection a.o..)  

NAOC (Nigerian Agip Oil Company) - Gas Plant OBIAFU / OBRIKOM, Niger (2002-2003) - Project manager: PETROSTAR Ploesti, Romania

SAD - Data acquisition system for oil storage plants     

Tasbulat - Kazahstan (2002

Technological process and safety system modernization for EOCEN - gas field at the offshore oil drilling platform PFCP

SNP PETROM - PETROMAR Constanta - Romania (2000 - 2002)

Monitoring equipment for meteo and hydro parameters in the Cris  River Basin 

Romanian Water National Company - RWNC Oradea - Romania (2000) 

Automatic Systems for waste water treatment plant with PLC's SIEMENS

RAJA - Constanta waste water treatment plant "Constanta South" -  Romania (2000-2002)  

Automatic system for de-dusting systems and dust processing of kilns no. 6 and 7 and cement mill no. 10 with PLC's   SIEMENS   

CIMENTUL Turda - Romania (2000)

Control / monitoring systems for various processes with YOKOGAWA,  HONEYWELL, PLC - SIEMENS, ABB Advant 500 / AC 410 equipments

ARPECHIM Pitesti - Romania (1996-2002

Automatic system for water pumping stations with  PLC's (MOELLER) and  computers network (COMPAQ)

RGAB -Grozavesti  water pumping station (1998)  and RAJAC - Iasi water pumping stations "Cerna" and "Octav Bancila" - Romania (1999) 

Automatic systems for process parameter supervision and control at sintering furnaces with conveyer belts 

SINTEROM SA Cluj - Romania (1995 - 2001)

Tele-measuring and tele-control technology modernization of power supply stations for urban traffic transport network RATUC Cluj - Romania (2001)
Motor oil proportioning device  National Petroleum Society - SNP PETROM: PECO Dolj  (1998), PECO Teleorman (1999), PECO Brasov, Constanta and Targu Jiu (2000-2001) - Romania


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