Erasmus+Business Transformation towards digitalization and smart systems - BITTMAS2016-2018
H2020ERBSN 4 H20202017-2018
H2020PROSME INN H20202015-2016
CIP/IEEEChanging Habits for Urban Mobility Solutions - CHUMS2014-2016
Erasmus+Supporting problem based learning n SMEs through IT facilitated mentoring - ARCHIMEDES2014-2016
FP7Development of Regional clusters for research and implementation of environmental friendly urban logistics - DOROTHY2013-2016
FP7/ INCOKnowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation - NoGAP2013-2016
FP7/CATransport Innovation Deployment for Europe - TIDE2013-2015
LEONARDOIrrigation for ALL –I4ALL2013-2015
LEONARDOInnovation in Early School Leaving –InSchool2013-2015
FP7/BILATEnhancing the BILATeral S&T Partnership with UKRaine Advanced Innovative Approach - BILAT-UKRAINA2012-2015
IEEPromoting industrial energy efficiency-PINE2012-2015
FP7Ubiquitous participation platform for policy making – UbiPOL [Website]2010-2013
CIP/EACIDiffusion of services supporting innovation capacity of SMEs through communication, understanding and cooperation - Assistant [Website]2010-2012
IEEIUSES-Intelligent Use of Energy at School/contract IEE/ 07/828/SI2.499427 []2008-2011